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Music: Serengeti and Abiyah

By Mike Breen · September 19th, 2012 · CityBeat Recommends
Several years ago, when Top Cat’s in Corryville was party central for a lot of local Hip Hop fans and playas, I attended a show by creative MC Busdriver, whom I thought was a pretty big underground star that would draw the entire “Top Cat’s Hip Hop scene” to the same club. My “party of five” ended up being the entire audience. But “Alt Hip Hop” or “Art Rap” hasn’t given up on Cincinnati, nor vice versa.

Creative, genre-crossing local artist Abiyah has been working to keep Cincy on the itinerary of Hip Hop’s most innovative, and this week she will be performing with Serengeti, a dizzyingly eclectic Hip Hop artist from Chicago who’s also a member of the kick-ass collective/label Anticon. Serengeti — fresh off a sorta “Anticon reunion” tour with Cincy’s Why? (co-founders of Anticon) — has collaborated with everyone from experimental folkie Sicker Man to Indie superstar Sufjan Stevens. More recently, Serengeti released his engaging full-length, C.A.R. Abiyah and Serengeti bring the Art Rap in full force Wednesday Sept. 19 to The Comet. Free. 9 p.m The Comet, 4579 Hamilton Ave., Northside. cometbar.com.



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