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Cool Issue 2012

41 ways to see and experience the best stuff in Cincinnati this fall

By Hannah McCartney · September 5th, 2012 · Cool Issue
During high school, the heyday of my geekdom, the people I deemed the “coolest” were the aloof ones that never seemed to exert much effort on anything. Their insouciance boggled me — I was constantly consumed by my GPA, college apps, a crush. For four years, I was a fidgety ball of nerves caring more than ever about how not to care.

It’s funny how age changes people; I’m still a nerd, I just embrace it now. The people whose company I enjoy the most are those whose eyes I watch light up when conversation turns to something they’re passionate about. “Cool” isn’t the popular kid slouching in his chair. What’s “cool” are the things that make your eyes light up. The things that make you want to butt into a conversation and speak your mind. The things you read books about just for fun.

This year’s Cool Issue offers readers a goulash of 41 events, art happenings, food, drinks and other neat stuff to do, learn and experience to help you live the good life in Cincinnati this fall, whether you were high school’s art kid, science nerd, amateur foodie, band geek, history buff or a little of all of the above.

Scour shows at the redux Southgate House Revival, bike the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, pick M&M’s off a hand-dipped caramel apple or figure out WTF is up with Cincinnati’s cryptic Toynbee tiles.  

CityBeat readers, there’s a zero percent chance that everything in this guide will pique your interest, because “cool” means something different to everyone. Take the time to find what does.

— Hannah McCartney, Project Editor




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