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Robot & Frank

By tt stern-enzi · August 29th, 2012 · Movie Previews

Jake Schreier’s feature debut, scripted by comic writer-actor Christopher D. Ford (the duo teamed up for the 2005 short Christopher Ford Sees a Film) jumps a step into the future where Frank (Frank Langella), an aging jewel thief, is forced to accept a robot caretaker (voiced by Peter Sarsgaard) from his son (James Marsden), but before long Frank and the robot are planning a heist together.

There’s real magic in the idea of casting Langella opposite Sarsgaard, a distinctive actor with a strong vocal presence. And with strong support from Susan Sarandon and Liv Tyler, Robot & Frank just might steal a healthy share of the late-summer box office. Now at Mariemont Theatre. (PG-13) Not screened for review



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