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W&S Flyby: 'Stop Bullying Inn'

By Danny Cross · August 22nd, 2012 · City Desk

Spectators at the Western & Southern Open’s finals on Aug. 19 also saw a plane flying overhead pulling a banner protesting the tournament’s corporate sponsor. The banner read: “W&S Stop Bullying Anna Lou Inn stpws.com.” 

The Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition released a statement on Saturday describing the banner as proof for local and national leaders that Western & Southern’s actions won’t be tolerated. The statement read: “We will continue to up the ante until you stop attacking the hard-working women of the Anna Louise Inn.”

Josh Spring, executive director of the Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition, said in an email that the plane flew for two 30-minute stints during the tournament’s finals.

The banner asks people to go to a website that includes a satirical video parodying a Western & Southern spokesperson proud of his company’s attacks on the Anna Louise Inn and a change.org petition asking Western & Southern to stop suing the nonprofit.

CityBeat last week reported the details of Western & Southern’s failure to purchase the Anna Louise Inn when it had the chance and the company’s subsequent attempts to force the Inn out of the neighborhood anyway (“Surrounded by Skyscrapers, issue of Aug. 15”).

Cincinnati’s Historic Conservation Board is scheduled to hear arguments on Aug. 27 that could lead to a conditional use permit and allow the Anna Louise Inn to move forward with a renovation that was stalled by Western & Southern’s lawsuit.