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Hit & Run

By tt stern-enzi · August 22nd, 2012 · Movie Previews
hit-and-run+imageOpen Road Films

A former getaway driver (screenwriter and co-director Dax Shepard) in witness protection has to high tail it on his own, with his girlfriend (Shepard’s real-life spouse Kristen Bell) in tow, once his old gang (led by a dreadlocked Bradley Cooper) comes a-knocking, seeking a secret stash of money from their last heist.

Shepard is known for over-the-top craziness in terms of his character portrayals, but he’s also a bit of a gear head, so maybe his car love will help him channel his wild side and give this comedic Fast & Furious knock-off sturdy wings so that it can fly like an eagle. Now in theaters. (R) Not screened for review



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