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Health Care and Computers Will Top Cincinnati's 2020 Job Market

By German Lopez · August 15th, 2012 · City Desk

Some of the best jobs in Cincinnati in 2020 will not require college degrees, according to a new report.

Agenda 360, Partners for a Competitive Workforce, the Strive Partnership and Vision 2015 collaborated on the report, which used U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data and found that 46 percent of jobs in 2020 paying the city average of $33,310 and higher will only require a high school diploma or an equivalent to a high school diploma. Twenty-four percent will require bachelor’s degrees, and 15 percent will require associate degrees.

The best-paying, fastest-growing jobs by 2020 will be health care practitioners and any job involving computers and math and science, according to the report.

Business and financial jobs will continue being among the best paying, but growth in that area is expected to be fairly modest.

Health care support jobs will grow very quickly, but those jobs typically fall below the median wage.

The report also found some of the industries that workers might want to avoid. Food service will grow slowly and pay the worst. Transportation and production will pay slightly better, but they won’t grow much.

The report also found that Cincinnati will continue to grow and be among the top of similarly sized economies. The report estimated that Cincinnati will add 106,115 new jobs by 2020. That should bring Cincinnati to slightly more than 1 million jobs, putting it ahead of competitors Cleveland, Columbus and Austin, Tex. However, Cincinnati will still lag behind Minneapolis, Denver, St. Louis and Pittsburgh in the jobs market. 



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