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Event: Northside Pride Festival Chicken Lays an Egg Fashion Show

By Maria Seda-Reeder · August 14th, 2012 · CityBeat Recommends
chicken store
If you’ve never seen a Chicken Lays an EGG fashion show, consider yourself deprived. This Saturday, the ladies of the Northside-based thrift/consignment store will host another one of their seasonal gender-bending festive fashion spectacles in the Northside Tavern’s back room as part of the neighborhood’s annual Pride Festival, which happens only blocks away at Hoffner Park on Hamilton Avenue.

Using non-traditional “oddball freaks and uniquely styled models,” the Chicken ladies demonstrate the diversity of their clientele with cat-walking characters of every size, age and gender affiliation. This show will feature summertime fashion, so expect a bright and colorful mix of vintage and modern clothing procured by three of the city’s savviest vintage clothing queens. You might not leave that evening with a new outfit, but you will leave visually inspired for your next dress-up opportunity. 5 p.m. Saturday Aug. 18. Northside Tavern. 4163 Hamilton Ave., Northside.



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