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Lookwhos: Look Who's Eating - Barbara Kenny

Owner/Chef, Molly Malone's

By Anne Mitchell · May 2nd, 2007 · Lookwhos
  Barbara Kenny
Graham Lienhart

Barbara Kenny

Barbara Kenny's Irish dishes at Molly Malone's really are home cooking.

She just returned from a visit to the Emerald Isle, where she grew up and where her brother is the chef at the West County Hotel in Dublin. At Molly Malone's, traditional potato pancakes, or boxty, are served with a sense of humor -- i.e. Seamus Ramirez's jalapeƱo version. Listening to her lilting brogue is a delight.

CityBeat: Where did you eat your last great meal and what was it?

Barbara Kenny: At the Old Dubliner in downtown Dublin, Ireland. I just got back last night! I had a wonderful steak and a couple glasses of Beaujolais. The chef is a friend of my brother. He added fresh garlic to homemade seasoning for the steak, and it was incredible. And the vegetables! Irish vegetables don't taste any different, but the Irish butter does! It's so rich.

CB: What do you cook when you're homesick?

BK: I bake some soda bread and scones and invite friends over for tea. A good cup of tea always helps.

Molly Malone's, 6111 Montgomery Road, Pleasant Ridge, 513-531-0700



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