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'Small Town Security' Surprises With Big Time Entertainment

By Jac Kern · July 18th, 2012 · Television
ac_tv_small town security_gene page:amcGene Page/AMC

An unscripted series about a family-owned private security company in Ringgold, Ga., might be an unlikely follower to AMC’s grippingly dark Breaking Bad. That lead-in, along with last week’s debut trailer for The Walking Dead, helped provide a built-in audience for the new program. But those who stuck around and actually watched the series premiere of Small Town Security (11 p.m. Sundays, AMC) got a glimpse at true TV gold.

Of course, like any show, it all comes down to characters — and JJK Security is full of ’em. Chief Joan Koplan is the ringleader: a foul-mouth with ever-present lipstick (often on her teeth), eyeliner and Chihuahua, Lambchop. Her husband, Captain Irwin Koplan, is a gentler personality with a serious hoarding problem. Lieutenant Dennis Croft, who has lived as a military man, an off-the-grid teepee dweller and a Y2K prepping parent, now strives to make JJK an “elite force” and reveals an incredible twist in the first episode.

My one reservation about STS was that the cameras might take advantage of these “real people.” I hate to see genuine folks being packaged for ridicule. After all, these aren’t fame-seeking bachelorettes — they’re good country people. As it turns out, they’re in on the fun.

When the sassy Captain Koplan reveals her backstory, it’s clear she does want a spotlight and has sought it her entire life. Episode one finds her in a battle with a local television station to reclaim her public access gig (which had been given the boot due to the hostess’ penchant for controversial topics and her saucy vocabulary).

STS might remind viewers of early quirky documentary series, before the term “reality show” was in everyone’s vocabulary and unscripted series were actually that: full of surprising, raw human moments.

Check out the first episode at AMC.com or set your DVR for one of many early-morning airings throughout the week.


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The Soup (10 p.m., E!) – Related: Joel McHale will guest star on the upcoming season of Sons of Anarchy.


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Todd Barry: Super Crazy (Premiere, 11 p.m., Comedy Central) – Known for his dead-pan humor, small-yet-memorable roles and cameos in comedies like Louie and Delocated, Barry performs in his hometown of New York City.


True Blood (9 p.m., HBO) – Alcide prepares to fight to the death; Sookie learns more about her fairy side; the human-“supe” war builds up. Are we already saying goodbye to Roman?

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Workaholics (10:30 p.m., Comedy Central) – The trio helps Montez discover whether his wife is cheating.

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