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Cincinnati vs. The World 07.18.12

By Hannah McCartney · July 18th, 2012 · Cincinnati vs. The World

Meat eaters beware: Antibiotics fed to grocery store chickens are being blamed for the drug-resistant spread of “superbugs” from poultry to humans, causing an outbreak of difficult-to-treat bladder infections in about eight million U.S. women. WORLD -1

Warren County law enforcement busted a drug ring at Mason High School led by a 17-year-old who police suspect was bringing in about $20,000 per month — that’s almost $9,000 above the poverty threshold for the annual income of one person in the U.S. CINCINNATI -1

One of the largest cable blackouts in history, thanks to DirecTV’s money spat with media conglomerate Viacom, kept some 20 million DirecTV customers from watching programs on popular channels including Comedy Central and MTV.

This blackout marks the third time in the past two years DirecTV has temporarily suspended programming over money disputes. WORLD -1 

A 16-year-old Egyptian girl might have figured out a way to turn Egypt’s multi-million ton plastic waste problem into $78 million biofuel scheme using an inexpensive catalyst that turns plastic into fuel. WORLD +2

The Indonesian choir from Gema Chandra Cendrawasih University that missed its scheduled World Choir Games competitions due to travel delays was embraced with open arms by Cincinnatians with a specially arranged performance and thousands of dollars in donations to assist in travel arrangements home. CINCINNATI +2   

Either they were preparing for a vampire invasion or gathering ingredients for the world’s largest batch of spaghetti sauce: Five suspects are suspected of stealing 9.5 tons of Spanish garlic into Hungary across the Austrian border. WORLD -1





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