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Cincinnati vs. The World 07.03.12

By Hannah McCartney · July 3rd, 2012 · Cincinnati vs. The World

The volatile Asian silver carp, an invasive fish species notorious for its ability to “leap” out of water and injure boaters, has been discovered at the mouth of the Great Miami River, its first-ever spotting in the Cincinnati region. CINCINNATI -2 

In support of Pride Month, Kraft Foods released an image of a rainbow-stuffed Oreo cookie on its Oreo Facebook page, but received a flood of backlash and boycotting threats from anti-LGBTQ rights groups. WORLD -2

Chicago City Council voted last week to approve a new city policy on marijuana possession, which now gives police the option to ticket rather than arrest someone caught smoking pot in public or possessing small amounts of pot in or near a school or park, a move that will free up cops to pursue more serious crimes and save the police department about $1 million.


Weekend power outages caused by severe storms and heavy winds affecting 1 million Ohians during a severe heat wave forced Gov. John Kasich to declare a statewide state of emergency in hopes of protecting vulnerable populations, including children, the elderly and those suffering from asthma. CINCINNATI -1 

The Committee to Protect Journalists reports Ethiopia might be tightening the already-restrictive reigns on its Internet censorship policy, instituting a harsher blocking system that could pave the way for other authoritarian regimes across Africa to do the same. WORLD -2 





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