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Cincinnati vs. The World 06.27.12

By Hannah McCartney · June 27th, 2012 · Cincinnati vs. The World

Antarctic chinstrap penguins have lost 36 percent of their population during the past 20 years due to a warming planet that’s caused sea ice to melt, destroying the penguins’ natural habitat and the krill population, a large component of the chinstrap penguin diet. WORLD -2 

The Chicago Tribune published a glowing article praising Cincinnati’s rich collection of diverse neighborhoods in preparation for the influx of tourists for the impending 2012 World Choir Games. CINCINNATI +2  

The Georgia woman battling an affliction with a flesh-eating disease after cutting her leg May 1 has now been upgraded to “good,” and was able go outdoors for the first time since her hospitalization.


Local comedian Ally Bruener, who has muscular dystrophy and is confined to a wheelchair, has taken a strong stance in light of recent backlash against her comedic marketing campaign, which feeds off the phrase, “I Laughed at the Crippled Girl.” Bruener stated that she’s not offended when people refer to her as crippled, and uses her campaign to raise awareness about the disease and remove any stigma from the world “crippled.”  CINCINNATI +1

An Italian policeman called to deal with a young immigrant accused of stealing pasta, milk, diapers and baby food took pity on the suspect and paid for the pilfred goods out-of-pocket. WORLD +2 

Anti-abortion group Personhood Ohio is facing a significant shortfall in efforts to gather the necessary roughly 385,000 signatures for a proposed state amendment that would declare life to begin when the human egg is fertilized. CINCINNATI +1





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