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June 24 • 20th Century Theater

By Jason Gargano · June 19th, 2012 · Sound Advice
soundadvice_yeasayer_photo_anna_palmaPhoto: Anna Palma
A recent (no doubt comprehensively researched) study revealed that Brooklyn-based band Yeasayer was the most blogged-about artist of 2010.

“That’s not really a quantifiable thing in the way I think about myself,” Yeasayer bassist Ira Wolf Tuton says while laughing when asked in a recent phone interview about that unique achievement. “But without blogs, without the Internet and its power as it was when we released our first record we wouldn’t be where we are; we wouldn’t be able to tour the world and play in front of the same amount of people everywhere we go.”

That first record, 2007’s All Cymbals Hour, featured a collection of slanted, Psych-tinged Pop songs highlighted by “2080,” a synth-driven ditty with layered harmonies, a loopy bass line and frontdude Chris Keating’s impassioned, high-pitched vocals.

The band’s 2010 follow-up, Odd Blood, was even more focused, a 21st-century Pop record informed by its creators’ melding of experimental sonics and sleek, highly addictive songcraft.

Now comes Fragrant World, which Secretly Canadian will release Aug. 21. The first single, “Henrietta,” finds the band tweaking its approach yet again — the song opens as a frothy, tightly constructed dance track before, halfway through, morphing into a dreamily atmospheric mood piece that lifts the listener into the clouds.

“I’m sure people will say it’s a darker album than the last one,” Wolf Tuton says when asked what we can expect from the new record. “We’re kind of on the same path in terms of creating a new piece stylistically that comes out of different interests, that comes out of different recording technologies, a different level of knowledge and a different approach to production than on our past records.

“On the last record we were trying to fall into a lot of traditional contemporary Pop devices as opposed to our first record. On this record I think we’re still the same band, there’s still a focus on song form, but there are a lot more transitory moments and a lot of sonic experimentation.”

YEASAYER performs Sunday, June 24 with Delicate Steve at 20th Century Theater. Buy tickets, check out performance times and get venue details here.



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