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Cincinnati vs. The World 6.6.12

By Hannah McCartney · June 6th, 2012 · Cincinnati vs. The World

Historic Everybody’s Records and Gaslight Café in Pleasant Ridge are facing threats of closure because Walgreens wants to purchase the corner of Ridge and Montgomery to demolish the properties and build a new pharmacy, only blocks from an already-existing location. CINCINNATI -2 

A gay pride parade in the Mormon-laden town of Salt Lake City drew the support of several hundred Mormons, a faith traditionally criticized for its opposition to same-sex marriage. WORLD +2 

The U.S. Department of State has selected Cincinnati to host the U.S.-Africa Business Conference this month, which will create partnerships between U.S. and African companies, improving African development and infrastructure while bolstering local, regional and state commercial links with Africa.


A Dutch artist grieving over the death of his beloved cat, Orville, decided to taxidermy the body and turn it into a piece of art — a remote-controlled flying helicopter, the “Orvillecopter.” WORLD +1 

David Boone, a homeless Cleveland high school student who spent years sleeping on park benches and in the homes of friends and relatives, has overcome a rocky childhood and was accepted to Harvard University, where he will attend this fall to study engineering and computer science. WORLD +2 

Fast food chain Taco Bell announced it sold 100 million Doritos Locos tacos in just 10 weeks, making it the  chain’s most popular product launch to date. Some perspective: It took McDonald’s 18 years to sell its first 100 million burgers. WORLD -1 

Duke Energy is again facing a legal battle involving accusations that it paid kickbacks to win support for higher electric rates that cost Ohioans millions of dollars. CINCINNATI -2 





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