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The Avett Brothers

June 7 • Fraze Pavilion (Kettering)

By Deirdre Kaye · June 4th, 2012 · Sound Advice
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Remember a few years ago when you couldn’t walk into a Starbucks without hearing the words, “Three words that became hard to say/I and love and you?” At the time, you probably rolled your eyes at yet another attempt to reel in hipsters from their local coffee shops.

However, the man whimpering those words was Scott Avett and his band, The Avett Brothers, ended up becoming … kind of a big deal.

While “I and Love and You,” as a song, was mostly mellow and Folk-ish, it’s far from a decent indicator of the sort of noise the Brothers are capable of creating.

Perhaps best described as “Punk-Grass,” the band’s six albums are littered with songs almost worthy of an Andrew W.K. record. Rowdy numbers like “Slight Figure of Speech” and “Talk of Indolence” often cause quite a ruckus. On stage, their wilder songs work Scott and Seth Avett into contagious fits of bouncing, stomping and slapping excitement.

The plaid shirts, wife-beaters and bandanas may call to mind the likes of Nirvana, but the boys do romance, too. “I and Love and You” isn’t the only love song in their repertoire. Songs like “January Wedding” and “Laundry Room” make their female fans swoon. 

The boys are married, so keep your panties in your purse, but enjoy the show.

THE AVETT BROTHERS perform Thursday, June 6 at the Fraze Pavilion in Kettering. Buy tickets, check out performance times and get venue details here.



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