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Kanye/Jay-Z, Gaga, Danzig

By Mike Breen · May 30th, 2012 · Minimum Gauge

Royal Spreading

Kanye West and Jay-Z will reportedly be making a sequel to their collaborative Watch the Throne album, according to producer Mike Dean. But that’s just a small part of the twosome’s plans to expand their kingdoms. Not long after it was revealed that Jay-Z would be in charge of the soundtrack for a new film version of the 35-year-old Broadway smash Annie (logically!), West told GQ that he had even more ambitious plans, aiming to “change entertainment experiences or life.” Meaning, Kanye revealed, that he wants to get into the amusement park business. Well, he’s dating Kim Kardashian, so, if he doesn’t already, he should soon be an expert on roller coaster rides. 

Jakarta Be Kidding Me!

Lady Gaga cancelled this Sunday’s sold-out stadium gig in Indonesia over safety concerns and what she called a “demand” for her to tone down her show.

What the Jakarta Globe called “thugs dressed in religious attire” — aka fundamentalist Muslim groups — insisted Gaga’s immorality (in her music and costumes) would corrupt the youth of the country. Threats of violence were reportedly made, even after she promised to leave her meat dress in her walk-in freezer-closet and wear a halal burka instead.

Danzig with the Stars?

Diminutive Punk-turned-Hard Rock superhero Glenn Danzig gave a rare interview to L.A. Weekly in which he revealed that he’s frequently misquoted and a lot of the “weird” things written about him are totally false. In the same interview, Danzig said that he doesn’t like to fight (“If I want to fuck somebody up, I will just walk behind them and slice their throat”), actually liked “(poking) fun at himself” as a guest on Aqua Teen Hunger Force and was happy he wasn’t cast as Wolverine in the “terrible” X-Men flicks. When asked how he would have portrayed Wolverine differently, Danzig — who really was reportedly in talks to play the hairy superhero (presumably because he already had the right sideburns) — said, “It wouldn’t have been as gay.” Also, the rocker would have played Wolverine much, much, much shorter. 



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