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Cincinnati vs. The World 5.30.12

By Hannah McCartney · May 30th, 2012 · Cincinnati vs. The World

Los Angeles last week became the largest city in the U.S. to officially ban use of plastic bags, following the lead of 47 other California municipalities. WORLD +2 

Ohio’s newly adopted residential building code will require new homes to be more energy-efficient, be tested for air leaks and come with carbon monoxide detectors. Although the regulations are stricter than past codes, they’re expected to save homeowners utility money and promote environmental consciousness. CINCINNATI +2 

A Dayton man who realized minutes after leaving a Taco Bell drive-thru that he didn’t get his 99 cent taco decided to exact vengeance by ramming his truck into the side of the building.

Unfortunately, his car left a trail of fluids the police followed to his house, where he was later arrested. WORLD -1 

The University of Cincinnati Economics Center found that the new presence of The Banks on downtown’s riverfront is expected to pump close to $92 million into the local economy. CINCINNATI +2 

The University of Texas at Austin accidentally produced and distributed commencement materials labeling its School of Public Affairs as the School of “Pubic” Affairs. WORLD -1 

The Ohio Supreme Court dismissed a legal challenge last week to a proposed constitutional amendment that would legalize same-sex marriage, meaning supporters of the new amendment can continue to gather signatures for the issue to appear on the 2013 ballot. CINCINNATI +2 





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