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Art: Stephen Bach, Gary Kelley, Mark Hall

By Alan Pocaro · May 22nd, 2012 · CityBeat Recommends
to do_art stephen bach etc_bum nut by mark richard hall, courtesy miller gallery"Bum Nut" Stephen Bach - Photo: Miller Gallery
 This month The Miller Gallery in Hyde Park teams up three highly regarded artists for a group show that is rooted in music, nature and atmosphere. Painter Stephen Bach’s landscapes emanate the gentle hues and warm glow of the early evening hours. His “Ominous Beauty” is an eerie depiction of a super-cell thunderstorm illuminated by the soft colors of the setting sun.

A nationally renowned illustrator, Gary Kelley’s dynamic pictures originate from his love of jazz and have graced the pages of Rolling Stone, The Atlantic Monthly and Playboy. Monotypes “Prez” and “Bird” are standouts. British sculptor Mark Hall’s cast bronzes are replete with the graceful contours and smooth forms of the natural world, as well as healthy dose of sexual innuendo. With a wink and a nod, Hall’s able hands transform chestnuts into derrières, seed pods into breasts. Tues.-Sun. Through June 1. The Miller Gallery. 2715 Erie Ave., Hyde Park. 513-871-4420, www.millergallery.com.



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