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J. Waters, J. White and B. Ward

By Mike Breen · May 22nd, 2012 · Minimum Gauge


Cool Waters

Heading to a gig in Bloomington, Ind., Indie Rock band Here We Go Magic saw a familiar looking man on the side of the road holding up a sign and wearing a hat with the words “Scum of the Earth” who looked a lot like Indie film legend John Waters. After some debate (some members didn’t care for Cecil B. Demented?) they turned around and, sure enough, it was him. Waters traveled with the band in their van for what had to be the best four hours of road-tripping ever. Waters’ hometown newspaper The Baltimore Sun reports that the filmmaker has been hitchhiking across the country, so keep your eyes open. And, kids, don’t try this at home.


Metaphorically Rocking

Jack White recently issued a statement stating he would attempt to “break the world record for most metaphors in a single concert.” He’s tried in Alabama but failed, saying he unleashed so many, it was impossible to count.

White’s got beef with the Guinness World Records after they rescinded The White Stripes’ claim on the “World’s Shortest Performance” (one note in Newfoundland in 2007). When every other band on the planet proceeded to break the record, Guinness yanked the record and challenged White to take on another. Sadly, White didn’t seem up to the task of breaking the records for longest fingernails (10 feet and 2 inches) or biggest afro (4 feet and 4 inches in circumference). 


Black Sabbath … Power Trio?

Van Halen’s recently postponed 30 dates on its current U.S. tour was not due to hating each other. They’re just tired. For a more scandalous example of internal band feuding, look no further than Black Sabbath. Drummer Bill Ward announced he would not take part in the imminent reunion touring because he couldn’t get a “signable contract.” Immediately, Ward was removed from Sabbath history, his image removed from all photos at blacksabbath.com. After several blogs wrote “How dare they do that to Bill!” items, Sabbath’s people issued a statement stating it was Ward’s attorney who insisted Ward’s image be removed. Because it would deceive the 11 people who would go to a Black Sabbath concert just to see Bill Ward.



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