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Cincinnati vs. The World 5.09.12

By Hannah McCartney · May 8th, 2012 · Cincinnati vs. The World

Vogue magazine has banned too-skinny models, adding that it will no longer knowingly work with models under the age of 16 or who appear to have an eating disorder. WORLD +1

A squatter in a vacated Evanston home cranked up the heat, racking up a $1,500 utility bill for the absent owners.  CINCINNATI -2

Research conducted by Duke University and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concluded that 42 percent of Americans might be obese by 2030, up from about one-third of the population currently. WORLD -1

Ohio will soon resume inspections of local jails every other year to ensure the health and safety of inmates across the state.

The state prisons department hasn’t conducted inspections since 2008 due to severe budget cuts. CINCINNATI +1 

Two twentysomething Kentucky reporters nailed Whitley County’s top law enforcement officer, Sheriff Lawrence Hodge, after an investigation of the county’s underground drug trade led to charges of corruption, including extortion, money laundering and drug distribution. WORLD +1 

Josie, an American Bulldog, is now touted as the “miracle dog” after she survived 15 hours in a 160-degree car with the windows rolled up after her owner’s daughter, who was supposed to be watching her, left her inside in the parking lot of an Anderson Township apartment complex. CINCINNATI -2

A New Orleans woman has decided to sue Southwest Airlines after an airline employee allegedly asked her questions including her pants size and weight and then told her she was “too fat to fly” last May. WORLD -1 

The state of Hawaii has banned the use of plastic bags, allowing businesses two years to phase out usage. WORLD +1 





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