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Sanabria, Tom Jones and Pleasantly Plump

By · May 1st, 2012 · Minimum Gauge


Nomination Condemnation

A lawsuit filed against the Grammys has been thrown out. According to the AP, Latin Jazz artist Bobby Sanabria and three others were trying to get the Recording Academy to reconsider eliminating more than 30 Grammy categories because the effect on “niche” genres dropped will be “detrimental” to many musicians’ careers. Sanabria — who says he might appeal the decision — had a lot of star support when the cuts were first announced; Paul Simon, Carlos Santana and others at first agreed that axing the categories was unfair. But most backed away when they realized that as long as they didn’t make an album of Native American flute music, they would still be able to win a Grammy.


Too Popular For Their Own Good

A couple of dubious claims were recently made about two very different Pop stars not taking jobs that could have altered the course of history.

Singer Tom Jones told The Guardian he lost the role of James Bond to Sean Connery because he was already too famous. (And James Bond would never wear pants that tight.) Meanwhile, KISS’ bass-playing gargoyle Gene Simmons claimed on a radio show that in 1982 Eddie Van Halen asked if he could join KISS because David Lee Roth was driving him “nuts.” Simmons says Eddie was also told he was too well known for the job. And too talented; that’d be like Edward R. Murrow writing for Perez Hilton.


Sexist and He Knows It

A contributor to the weekly New Times Broward-Palm Beach thought “Eight Pleasantly Plump Female Musicians We’d Like to Get Down With” would make a funny blog post and, boy, does he probably regret that now. Ric Delgado became the most hated man on the Internet for a few days after the article went viral, leading an editor to remove the post and explain it was misunderstood sarcasm. In the original piece, Delgado said that he’d “get down with” Jessica Simpson, Aretha Franklin, The Gossip’s Beth Ditto and Adele, about whom he wrote, “Talent and kankles aside, Adele sits comfortably on that ‘just almost not ashamed to be seen out in public with her’ line.” As a result, Delgado no longer contributes to the paper. Maybe he can be the next Republican National Committee chairman? 



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