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Comedy: Aries Spears

By P.F. Wilson · April 30th, 2012 · CityBeat Recommends
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Aries Spears is probably most recognized from his work on Mad TV, where he created a number of characters and performed many spot-on impressions. One of those impressions was of his boyhood idol Eddie Murphy, who is also known for creating odd characters and doing hilarious impressions. Ironically, Murphy never seemed to care for Spears’ shenanigans. “I met Eddie a couple of times,” he explains. “From what I’ve heard Eddie’s not a big fan of being made fun of.” Fortunately there’s much more to Aries Spears.

You’ll hear some impressions, but only a few. “I can’t escape it even though I’m trying to,” he says. “People really love it. I don’t want to say impressions are easy to do, but it’s like being able to dunk in the NBA. It’s something you can do anytime. I’m working on other aspects of my game. Impressions are like a little treat.” Those other aspects involve opening up, talking about his personal life and experiences he’s had over the years. “No matter how dark or twisted they may be,” he adds. When he’s not touring, Spears is writing and “trying to figure out how to get these white folks in Hollywood to like me again.” Cintas Center at Xavier University, 1624 Herald Ave. Part of the Laugh Til it Hurts Comedy Tour. 513-745-3428, cintascenter.com.



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