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Girls, The Dead and Nugent

By Mike Breen · April 24th, 2012 · Minimum Gauge


Girls Vs. Girls

The trend of cool, new bands naming their groups something so generic and random it’s impossible to Google is all well and good, but can we at least all agree that if you give your band such a moniker, you cannot bitch about other people using the same phrase or word to sell shit? Spin reported that frontman Christopher Owens of hip band Girls took to Twitter to critique the new HBO series of the same name. Owens tweeted that the makers of Girls should have “respected” him more and come up with a different name for the series. Owens could always take action himself — we hear “Entourage” is available. 


Cleaning Up the Dead

Though one would think a Grateful Dead-inspired video game would be the perfect gift for your favorite Deadhead (along with a “family size” bag of Dorito’s and a 12-pack of Irish Spring), word on the new Grateful Dead Game: The Epic Tour is that it’s, oddly, “family friendly.” The visuals for the game — which was even released on 4/20! — are, according to a spokesperson, “psychedelic, they’re fantastical … they’re whimsical, but no drug references.” And, like an especially lengthy Jerry Garcia solo, there really is no “end.” “The objective is to keep having fun rather than get to the end,” the spokesperson said.

Someone should have told that to Garcia …


Little Mister Dangerous?

Talking about killing the President is a (duh!) big no-no — unless you are a washed-up Rock guitar hero, apparently. If the average citizen sent an email to the White House that said, “I’m going to kill you,” they’d be on their way to Guantanamo Bay within the hour. But if you are Ted Nugent, you are totally free to hype up a large crowd of admitted gun-owners by announcing you will be “dead or in jail by this time next year” if Obama wins a second term. The Nuge met with Secret Service after speaking at an NRA convention and the government is apparently cool with Nugent’s explanation that he was speaking metaphorically, like on “Cat Scratch Fever” (you don’t think he really had cat scratch fever, do you?). I hope Nugent’s dead body is one day found stampeded by a herd of vengeful deer. Now is that a metaphor or poetic justice? 



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