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Blue October with Girl in a Coma

April 13 • Bogart's

By Deirdre Kaye · April 6th, 2012 · Sound Advice
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To say that Blue October has taken a rocky road to stardom would be a bit of an understatement.

First, the band picked up early in their career by Universal, then dropped after its first album, but picked back up after its self-released second album. Somewhere along the way, they went independent, again. Later, they had two record labels willing to sign them — including Universal. Again.

Being independent certainly doesn’t limit one from strife, though. Inarguably Blue’s most notable song, “Hate Me,” was written as an apology for the hardships lead singer Justin Furstenfeld put his mother through while addicted to drugs.

Blue October’s two latest albums were both spawned by Furstenfeld’s nasty divorce and subsequent custody battle.

There is no simple life, though, which is perhaps what draws so many people to Blue’s music. The band is like the Adele of Rock music, helping listeners channel all the dark, twisted instances in their lives. Your cheating, abusive spouse or drug addiction could be decades in the past, but a few minutes with Blue October have a tendency to make it all come rushing back.

But, that’s good! We’re a generation who likes to bottle stuff up. (Unless we’re blasting it all over Facebook.) Blue October, whether on the radio or in concert, helps its fans deal with shit in a therapeutic fashion.

BLUE OCTOBER performs Friday, April 13 at Bogart's with Girl in a Coma. Buy tickets, check out performance times and get venue details here.



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