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2012 Eats Reader Picks

By Readers · March 27th, 2012 · Eats

New Restaurant: A Tavola
2 Firehouse Subs
3 Taste of Belgium Bistro
4 Walnut Street Grill
5 Toppers Pizza
6 Jimmy G’s
7 Eli’s BBQ
8 Enoteca Emilia
9 Lime Taqueria
10 Abigail Street

Overall Restaurant: Montgomery Inn
2 The Precinct
3 Nada
4 Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse
5 Melt
6 Bella Luna
7 First Watch
8 Arnold’s
9 20 Brix
10 Boca

Appetizers: Nada
2 Bonefish Grill
3 T.G.I. Friday’s

Bakery (Breads): Servatii
2 Panera
3 Busken

Bakery (Pastries): Bonbonerie
2 Servatii
3 Busken

Bang for your Buck Restaurant: Chipotle
2 Skyline Chili
3 Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Barbeque: Montgomery Inn
2 City Barbeque
3 Walt’s

Beer Selection: Hofbrauhaus
2 The Comet
3 Cock & Bull

Breakfast: First Watch
2 Cracker Barrel
3 Bob Evans

Buffet: Golden Corral
2 Ruby Tuesday
3 The Palm Court

Burgers: Terry’s Turf Club
2 Five Guys Burgers & Fries
3 Zip’s Cafe

Burritos: Chipotle
2 The Comet
3 El Rancho Grande

Business Lunch: Skyline Chili
2 Panera
3 Arnold’s Bar & Grill

Cheesesteak: Penn Station
2 Great Steak and Potato
3 Melt

Chef: Jean-Robert de Cavel (JEAn-Robert’s Table)
2 David Falk (Boca, Nada)
3 Jose Salazar (The Palace)

Chicken: Chick-Fil-A
2 Silver Spring House
3 Ron’s Roost

Chili (Chain): Skyline
2 Gold Star
3 Dixie

Chili (Non-Chain): Camp Washington Chili
2 Blue Ash Chili
3 Price Hill Chili

Chinese: P.F. Chang’s
2 Oriental Wok
3 Shanghai Mama’s

Coffeehouse (Local): Coffee Emporium

2 College Hill Coffee Shop
3 Awakenings

Coffeehouse (National): Starbucks
2 Dunkin Donuts
3 Caribou Coffee

Delicatessen: Izzy’s
2 Jungle Jim’s
3 Penn Station

Desserts: Bonbonerie
2 Cheesecake Factory
3 Graeter’s

First Date Restaurant: Cheesecake Factory
2 Melting Pot
3 York Street Cafe

French Fries: Penn Station
2 Five Guys Burger and Fries
3 Senate

German: Hofbrauhaus
2 Mecklenburg Gardens
3 Iron Skillet

Gluten-Free Menu: Melt
2 York Street Cafe
3 Mitchell’s Fish Market

Ice Cream/Gelato: Graeter’s
2 Aglamesis Bros
3 Dojo Gelato

Indian: Ambar
2 Dusmesh
3 Baba

Italian: Pompilio’s
2 Bella Luna
3 Maggiano’s

Japanese: Benihana
2 Ichiban
3 Sakura

Kid-Friendly Restaurant: Chuck-E-Cheese
2 Chik-Fil-A
3 Red Robin

Korean: Riverside Korean
2 Sung Korean Bistro
3 Korea House

Late-Night Eats: Skyline
2 White Castle
3 Anchor Grill

Live Music While You Eat: Arnold’s Bar & Grill
2 Hofbrauhaus
3 Dee Felice Cafe

Mediterranean/Greek: Andy’s Mediterranean Grill
2 Sebastian’s
3 Myra’s Dionysus

Mexican: El Rancho Grande
2 Nada
3 Rio Grande

Outdoor Dining: Buckhead MOUNTAIN Grill
2 Arnold’s Bar & Grill
3 Hofbrauhaus

Pizza (Chain): Dewey’s
2 LaRosa’s
3 Donato’s

Pizza (Non-Chain): Adriatico’s
2 A Tavola
3 Pomodori’s

Pub Food: Terry’s Turf Club
2 Claddagh
3 Arthur’s

Raw Bar: Dancing Wasabi
2 Carlo and Johnny
3 Mitchell’s Fish Market

Restaurant for Fine Dining: Precinct
2 Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse
3 Orchids at Palm Court

Restaurant to Take Visitors: Montgomery Inn
2 Skyline
3 Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse

Romantic Restaurant: The Precinct
2 Primavista
3 The Celestial

Salads: Dewey’s
2 Olive Garden
3 Panera Bread

Seafood: Bonefish Grill
2 Mitchell’s Fish Market
3 Red Lobster

Soul Food: Knotty Pine on the Bayou
2 Alabama Fish House
3 Buckhead Mountain Grill

Steaks: The Precinct
2 Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse
3 Texas Roadhouse

Subs/Sandwiches: Penn Station
2 Subway
3 Jersey Mike’s

Sunday Brunch: First Watch
2 Grand Finale
3 Cracker Barrel

Sushi: Dancing Wasabi
2 Green Papaya
3 Wild Ginger

Takeout: Chipotle
2 Penn Station
3 Skyline Chili

Tapas: Abigail Street
2 Teller’s
3 Relish Modern Tapas

Thai: Teak Thai
2 Lemon Grass
3 Green Papaya

Vegetarian: Melt
2 Chipotle
3 Green Dog Cafe

Vietnamese: Pho Lang Thang
2 Cilantro
3 Song Long

View From Your Table: Primavista
2 Montgomery Inn Boathouse
3 The Celestial

Waitstaff/Service: The Precinct
2 Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse
3 Cheesecake Factory

Waterfront Dining: Montgomery Inn
2 Buckhead Mountain Grill
3 Chart House

Wine Selection: The Wine Guy
2 Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse
3 20 Brix

Wings: BW3’s
2 Buffalo Wings & Rings
3 Quaker Steak & Lube



03.28.2012 at 10:12 Reply

Really....BW3's as best wings?  Chik-fil-a best Chicken??  What about wild mikes for wings and Rich's for Chicken?  Horrible List!!!!


03.28.2012 at 12:34 Reply

Starbucks, Chipotle, BW3? ? How about making the best of non-chain, and local? You could have just put Mc Donalds on the list for burgers if you are going to go this route.


03.29.2012 at 08:00 Reply

Who in hell wrote this? They should not write or have an opinion written in ink. Dear lord. The end must be coming. 


03.30.2012 at 07:35

You'd think Local 127, being one of the best restaurants in the nation, on many lists, would have made ONE of these at least!!! Also, WINE SELECTION!?! 127 has the premiere wine pairer in the f@#%in country!! The only master sommelier/chef in the country!! Try eating there!! WTF!!?!!!


03.30.2012 at 10:56

Folks, as a reminder, these are reader-voted picks. CityBeat does not necessarily endorse these. Check out our staff picks for some of our faves.


03.30.2012 at 07:36 Reply

Gordo's has best burgers, Jean Robert's Table is simply euphoric, Red Lobster is #3 for seafood???, Golden Coral has a better buffet than The Palm Court?  That should be on the front page because that is news to me!



09.06.2012 at 09:12 Reply

Cincinnati food choices suck. Seriously, best first date at cheesecake factory, blow my brains out all over the 60 page menu. Best breakfast at first watch!? What about eating any shit you put in front of me. Best beer selection at hofbrauhaus? They only have like 3 beers?! I hope this is multiple choice and the options were terrible rather then people actually writing these in as their favorites. I'll take some taste buds for 1200 Alex.