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Pussy Riot, Bono Impersonator and Madonaa

By Mike Breen · March 27th, 2012 · Minimum Gauge
800px-pussy_riot_by_igor_mukhinPhoto by Игорь Мухин

 ‘The Devil Laughed at Us’

An all-female Punk group in Russia has been jailed for protesting recently reelected president Vladimir Putin. According to The Guardian, members of Pussy Riot were arrested after performing a guerilla gig on the eve of election day at Moscow’s Christ the Saviour cathedral, debuting the song, “Holy Shit” (sample line: “Holy Mother, Blessed Virgin, chase Putin out”). Two of the women remain jailed and face up to seven years in prison. Despite an open letter from some members of the Orthodox church asking for leniency, the church doesn’t appear to be in a forgiving mood, calling the group’s “punk prayer” a manifestation of Satan and saying, “the devil laughed at us.” He’s not the only one, comrade. 


Ambush League 

Bono’s confused reaction to conservative activist/pundit Jason Mattera’s questioning during an ambush interview in early February wasn’t because the interviewer had nailed the U2 singer on questions about alleged tax-evading business practices.

The Washington Post revealed it was because “Bono” wasn’t Bono, but a professional impersonator. In what is surely a bolded highlight on the lookalike’s résumé (and another blight on the record of Breitbart.com, for which the report was filed), Mattera aggressively browbeat Pavel Sfera about tax-evasion at an L.A. event. Sfera answered all of Mattera’s questions honestly, saying things (without an Irish accent) like  “I don’t have control over that” and “It’s not my company.” Too bad Mattera didn’t ask the most important question — “Are you Bono?” 


Immaterial Girl

You have to give Madonna credit for at least attempting to keep her sound and style relevant. But today even the Pop legend’s controversies are insignificant. Madonna’s Super Bowl appearance made headlines, but only because a guest (M.I.A.) made a mildly rude gesture, and now Madonna’s latest video has been censored by YouTube. Sorta. Once banned from MTV and dropped by Pepsi for scandalous videos, Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild” promo was deemed so outrageous that YouTube … requires users to sign in  before viewing. We eagerly await the next salacious Madonna headline: “Grammatical Error Discovered in Latest Material Girl Tweet.”



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