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Limbaugh, Carney and Lachey

By Mike Breen · March 20th, 2012 · Minimum Gauge


Hypocritical Oaf 

The radio show hosted by former drug addict and defiler of the sanctity of marriage (thrice divorced, so far!) Rush Limbaugh might be loaded with a lot of dead air soon, and not just because advertisers are fleeing the program like passengers on the Titanic. Droves of musicians are coming out to say they also no longer want to be associated with Limbaugh’s hateful spew, strongly requesting he stop using their music during the show. Since the “Slutgate” controversy erupted, Peter Gabriel, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Rage Against the Machine and Canadian rockers Rush have all asked that Limbaugh cease use of their music immediately. Some, like Rush (the band), have filed actual lawsuits, which could set new legal precedents in such cases. Meanwhile, Limbaugh staffers are probably scouring the catalog of public domain songs (when not busy trying to keep main advertisers like Big Jimmy’s Car Wash and Toilet Fixtures Emporium happy).



WH Press Secretary = Hipster? 

Current White House press secretary Jay Carney is officially the coolest press secretary ever — though, really, we liked his earlier press briefings way more than his later, more commercial ones. Last year, Carney flubbed the name of Senator Mitch McConnell, calling him “Mitch Mitchell,” before correcting himself and telling the press corps that not only was Mitch Mitchell the great drummer for the Jimi Hendrix Experience, he is also guitarist for Dayton, Ohio-based Indie Rock legends Guided By Voices. Then, just recently, while detailing the President’s trip to Dayton to watch the NCAA tournament, Carney said, “Dayton is the home of the Wright Brothers, the Dayton Peace Accords and Guided By Voices, the greatest Rock & Roll band of the modern era.” Maybe this’ll finally get Bob Pollard a “beer summit” meeting with the Prez! 


How Dare You, Nick Lachey!

Former 98 Degrees star — and alleged “proud Cincinnatian” — Nick Lachey showed his Bearcats pride to the world on his old reality show and he’s a frequent presence at University of Cincinnati basketball games. But apparently his loyalty to the team only goes so far. ESPN compiled several “March Madness” brackets from famous people, including President Obama, LeBron James (who had Murray State going to the Final Four) and Lachey, who had his beloved Bearcats going down to Florida State. The Bearcats, of course, won that game. And the school has probably already sold off Lachey’s VIP tickets to scalpers to raise money to buy lifts for the shoes of tiny head coach Mick Cronin so he doesn’t looks like a 12-year-old every time he’s interviewed on TV by inevitably much taller reporters. 



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