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Art: Man in the Planet

By Alan Pocaro · March 19th, 2012 · CityBeat Recommends
to do_man in the planet"The Baby Counter" 6' x 4' oil on canvas.
We all start somewhere. I remember my first solo show as an undergraduate was in bar, one of my best friends’ was in a major international chain coffee house. I still pine for that big-name gallery solo show, but the strange thing is more people probably saw my paintings at that bar than at any other exhibition I had for the next several years.

In his new solo show, fresh-out-of-undergrad painter Kyle Carpenter presents Man in the Planet at the Avenue Lounge in Covington. A reference to David Lynch’s film Eraserhead, the psychologically charged works in Man in the Planet are suffused with the filmmaker’s sense of foreboding. Carpenter’s large-scale paintings display a confident hand and fuse elements of surrealism and cubism with a maturity that is unusual for such a young artist. Through March 31. 411 Madison Ave., Covington. 859-261-6120, theavenuelounge.com.



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