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Krikorian, Dems Seek Federal Probe

By Kevin Osborne · March 14th, 2012 · City Desk

A Democratic candidate in the March 6 primary election has sent a letter to the U.S. Attorney’s Office asking for an investigation into help that his opponent received from a super PAC with mysterious origins.

Madeira businessman David Krikorian ran against William R. Smith, a virtual unknown from the small town of Waverly in Pike County, for the Democratic nomination to seek Ohio’s 2nd Congressional District seat. Although Smith didn’t campaign, fill out questionnaires or make public appearances, he squeaked to a victory over Krikorian.

Smith was helped in his campaign by a series of automated telephone calls soliciting support that were paid for by a group identifying itself as Victory Ohio Super PAC.

The organization doesn’t appear to be registered with either the Federal Election Commission or the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office, as required by law.

“My goal is to identify the people or entities that are responsible for the Victory Ohio Super PAC and hold them accountable for what appears to be a clear violation of the law,” Krikorian wrote in his letter.

The Hamilton County Democratic Party supports Krikorian’s request.

“Transparency in elections is of utmost importance,” said Party Chairman Tim Burke. “Voters should know who is attempting to influence the outcome. In the post-Citizens United era of growing super PAC spending, this question is becoming murkier by the day.”



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