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News: Nazis Back Down

Claims about penis size still in doubt

By Gregory Flannery · April 18th, 2007 · News

White crime caused the cancellation of a march planned for Friday by the American National Socialist Workers Party.

Bill White of Roanoke, Va., commander of the party, says the group's Ohio coordinator -- a white man named Justin Boyer -- is wanted on an arrest warrant for domestic violence in the state of Washington. That revelation wreaked havoc on plans for the neo-Nazi march, White said.

"They were planning to pick Justin up at this event to embarrass the party," he said. "We have not been able to get in touch with Justin. He was the man there putting together all of the logistics. Justin has made this thing a mess."

It was unclear from White's account if the charge against Boyer is another case of white-on-white crime, which has long been a major problem across the country, or if Boyer's alleged victim belongs to another race. Studies show that people of other races have frequently been targets of crime by white men.

The National Socialists had planned to march Friday in Over-the-Rhine, saying they wanted to protest black crime. The prospect of neo-Nazis chanting racist slurs in the predominantly African-American neighborhood mobilized local advocates of civil rights, tolerance, diversity, equality and respect for human dignity. The Cincinnati Human Relations Commission (CHRC) last week met with groups interested in organizing a response to the neo-Nazis.

More than 50 groups have signed the resulting " Statement of Unity."

"We stand in solidarity and support of the African-American community in Over-the-Rhine and every peace-loving community," the statement says. "The people of Cincinnati will prove that we are bigger than hate, stronger than ignorance and more caring than the Nazi party can imagine."

White dismissed the suggestion that he and his fellow whites in the American National Socialist Workers Party had canceled the march because they were afraid to appear in a mostly black neighborhood.

"I've walked into worse situations than that," White says. "I walked into an NAACP meeting carrying a sign calling for segregation. I've been attacked out here by anti-racists without any police, and I whipped them. I've had people come to my house and pull guns, and I whipped them."

The party still plans to march in Cincinnati but will keep the event secret until just beforehand, when selected media will be notified, White said.

"Members of the press who have been cooperative should expect an announcement within an hour of the time the march is to be held," he said. "We do not have a specific date except for soon, which could mean Saturday and could mean June."

The Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center and CHRC plan to hold a media conference at 1 p.m. Monday in Washington Park, where the Nazis had planned to gather after their march.

Although all white in skin tone, the Nazis have a very colorful worldview. Their Web site features such interesting information as this: "A scientific study has proven that white men have bigger cocks than blacks, despite lies about black sexuality perpetrated in Jewish mass media and pornography."

But despite issuing frequent statements to the press last week, replete with racial slurs and juvenile name-calling aimed at city council, White didn't disclose the sizes of his or Boyer's sex organs.

The animosity toward city officials followed the granting of a permit to the National Socialists by the police department, subsequently revoked by City Manager Milton Dohoney Jr. City officials said they would restrict the Nazis to a three-block march on Central Parkway. White insisted they'd still march in Over-the-Rhine and then backed down.

History shows that many white people have made plans only to cancel them later.

City council last week passed a resolution calling for a review of the city's rules on parade permits so as to "proscribe categories of expression that are not protected by the First Amendment, such as obscenity, defamation, 'fighting words' and other threatening and intimidating expressions and 'clear and present danger' expression." The motion also calls for limiting "the adverse secondary effects associated with some categories of expression that are protected by the First Amendment, including but not limited to indecent expression."

The goal is of questionable constitutional validity; members of council said the city solicitor's office had "reviewed" the resolution but hadn't determined whether it was constitutional. But Councilman Chris Bortz seemed not to care, arguing that, because a legal dispute was inevitable, council should "take the fight back to (the Nazis)."

The resolution has no impact in itself, but any changes in ordinances and regulations governing political marches could lead to a lawsuit later. ©



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