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Cincinnati vs. The World

By Hannah McCartney · February 28th, 2012 · Cincinnati vs. The World

The Obama administration last week gave a total of $90 million to the Cincinnati Center City Development Corp. (3CDC) and Uptown Consortium to fund urban growth projects. CINCINNATI +1

Former Moroccan contractor for Facebook, vengeful Amine Derkaoui, leaked a secret document revealing Facebook’s censorship guidelines. The list cites that photos of crushed heads and deep flesh wounds are OK, but butt cracks and earwax are not. WORLD -2

The University of Cincinnati has implemented a $750,000 technology accelerator to help spin innovations from research conducted on campus into viable start-up companies.

The project is one piece of the revitalization planned for the Short Vine area. CINCINNATI +2

Toilet texting is in: A recent survey by a marketing agency 11mark reveals that 75 percent of Americans have used their mobile devices while on the can. WORLD -1

Media Bridges is moving from its current Race Street location to the newer Crosley Telecommunications Center on Central Parkway. The new space will provide more up-to-date equipment that will better help diverse communities communicate through media. CINCINNATI +1

Newt Gingrich promised the world that, if elected, he’ll lower gas to $2.50 a gallon, presumably so it will be more affordable for him to send Callista back to her intergalactic homeland. WORLD -1

An 86-year-old man reportedly watched at least four passersby ignore his pleas for help and walk past as he crawled on the ground struggling for help after he was carjacked near a gas station in Detroit. WORLD -2 




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