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Yonder Mountain String Band

March 1 • Madison Theater

By Deirdre Kaye · February 23rd, 2012 · Sound Advice
Do you ever wonder what the world would be like if members of boy bands were replaced with “boys” who could actually play and write songs? They could still be dreamy, just also, you know, talented.

Yonder Mountain String Band is a perfect example of what an Utopian boy band might look and sound like.

YMSB uses traditional instrumentation (mandolin, banjo, upright bass and acoustic guitar) balanced with harsher, less Appalachian-y vocals. Their list of influences gives a sense of the breadth of their sound, ranging from Bill Monroe to the Dead Kennedys.

In my Utopian music world, YMSB would be the band making all the money, while New N Sync Backstreet Kids would be stuck playing small venues. The good part about this Utopian world existing only in my mind is that, instead of flocking to an arena to catch Yonder Mountain, you just have to cross the river to Covington’s Madison Theater. Playing with the like-minded Infamous Stringdusters, it’s destined to be brilliant.

YONDER MOUNTAIN STRING BAND plays with guests The Infamous Stringdusters Friday, March 2 at Madison Theater. Buy tickets, check out performance times and get venue details here.



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