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Gingrinch, Facebook and the Super Bowl

By Mike Breen · February 1st, 2012 · Minimum Gauge
the-heavyThe Heavy ask "how you like me now?"


Rockers Get Newt-ered

Newt Gingrinch has commandeered the bafflingly popular trend of conservative politicians using songs in their campaigns by musicians who would rather have their music soundtrack snuff films. First, British Funk/Rock group The Heavy found out its hit “How You Like Me Now?” was used at a Florida rally for the GOP presidential hopeful; the song’s publishing company immediately sent Newt’s campaign a “cease and desist” letter, claiming he couldn’t use the song without permission. Then, a former member of Survivor sued the Newtster over multiple uses of their “get pumped up” montage anthem “Eye of the Tiger” at rallies. Given Newt’s megalomaniac tendencies of late, maybe he’ll just insist he wrote both songs. With Ronald Reagan’s blessing. On the back of a dead Commie’s skull!


Share Without Fares

It took iTunes about eight years to reach its 15 billionth download.

Facebook recently revealed it has reached the “5 billion songs shared” mark … just five months after introducing the sharing feature. Facebook’s vice president of partnerships, Dan Rose, revealed the stat during the music/technology-focused Midem conference, adding that Facebook song-sharing is “a new currency … in the music industry.” Except, since there is no actual money exchanged, it’s not the kind of currency the struggling music industry wants to hear about.  


‘Super’ Payday for Kid-Diddler 

Indianapolis-area hotels, bars and restaurants aren’t the only ones making a mint on this weekend’s Super Bowl. U.K. paper The Daily Mail has reported that shamed Pop star Gary Glitter — a convicted child molester — could make around a million dollars off of Sunday’s game between the New England Patriots and New York Giants. Following possession-of-child porn charges in England, child molestation suspicions in Spain and three years in jail on a child molestation conviction in Vietnam, the NFL told teams not to play Glitter’s popular Jock Rock tune “Rock and Roll Part II” during games. But because certain teams (like the Patriots) simply must have Glitter’s anthem played whenever they score a touchdown, a cover version has been used. Still, even though it’s a different version, Glitter sill gets royalties. If you need a reason to root for the Giants, remember — every time Tom Brady throws a touchdown pass, Gary Glitter’s sex tourism budget increases exponentially. 



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