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ONE Program and Chris Bortz

By Kevin Osborne · January 18th, 2012 · Winners and Losers


ONE PROGRAM: The Organizations of Noteworthy Excellence (ONE) program recognized six Greater Cincinnati nonprofit organizations for their systems effectiveness and performance results. The groups were the Assistance League, Cincinnati Union Bethel, 4C for Children, Redwood, the Society of St. Vincent DePaul and the Children’s Home of Cincinnati. Now in its fifth year, ONE is a program of the Executive Service Corps, which offers consulting services and mentors using retired business executives, along with some corporate partners. Helping nonprofits improve and get the most bang for their buck is a laudable cause.


CHRIS BORTZ: The ex-Cincinnati city councilman, is co-hosting a Jan.

23 fundraiser with COAST leader Chris Finney. COAST has spent the past few years trying to derail the streetcar project, which was Bortz’s pet cause while in office. The pair says they’re putting aside their differences because they want Brad Wenstrup to defeat Congresswoman Jean Schmidt in the GOP primary. Whatever the reason, we hope Bortz and COAST associate Chris Smitherman, who accused Bortz of racism last year and demanded his resignation, have a few drinks at the event and square off.


SANDRA BECKWITH: It’s been 10 months since Mike Fox, a former Ohio representative and Butler County commissioner, agreed to a plea deal on federal charges of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and filing a false tax return. Beckwith, the judge presiding over the case, has delayed the politician’s sentencing time and again. The latest hearing, set for Jan. 23, was canceled after Beckwith said she had a scheduling conflict. Malarkey. Fox, who has diabetes and depression, just doesn’t want to go to jail. If Beckwith doesn’t want to sentence him, give the matter to a judge who will.


ELMWOOD PLACE: Thanks to Sgt. Gary Darty’s whistleblower lawsuit filed in federal court, we’re seeing just how dysfunctional the police department is in Elmwood Place. In his suit, Darty outlines several disturbing incidents involving Chief William Peskin including the mishandling of evidence and mistreatment of suspects. Darty filed the suit after his complaints to Mayor Stephanie Morgan were ignored. Peskin and Morgan may think they run their own fiefdom but, if the allegations prove to be true, let’s hope appropriate penalties are imposed.



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