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Art: The Weight

By Alan Pocaro · December 27th, 2011 · CityBeat Recommends
keith benjamin, the weight 2011. courtesy of pac galleryThe Weight by Keith Benjamin - Courtesy PAC Gallery

Keith Benjamin’s new solo show The Weight at PAC Gallery is an expression of the past. The signs are all there: a reel to reel tape deck, 8 tracks, and a busted transistor radio. But the works made from these items aren’t about Benjamin’s past, they’re about their own. By mining an abundance of post-consumer detritus, the pieces in The Weight explore how an object’s history and material nature dictate our interpretation of it.

Is “the library” just a stack of pre-fabricated shelving, or has it been transformed into an entirely new object? Benjamin’s sculptures operate in the narrow space between a material’s previous life — say, a Red Bull box — and its new form — an architectural arrangement and the strength of the show lies is in this tension. Some of the works in The Weight aren’t easy to “get.” But don’t be discouraged, they reward active engagement. Tough economic times may have forced PAC to reduce hours and exhibition space, but not quality. The Weight is on view through Jan. 21. 2540 Woodburn Ave, East Walnut Hills. Hours are by appointment only. 513-407-8747. annie@pacgallery.net. www.pacgallery.net.



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