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Comedy: Dave Waite and Mark Chalifoux

By P.F. Wilson · December 19th, 2011 · CityBeat Recommends
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“It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made,” says comedian Mark Chalifoux about moving from Cincinnati to New York City.  “I was born and raised in Cincinnati, so I kind of felt it was time for a change on that front. And for someone as ADD as me New York has been pretty awesome.” His stand-up skills have developed exponentially in the Big Apple. “I’ve seen more growth (as a comedian) this year than all my years in Cincinnati.” Doing eight to 10 shows a night, Chalifoux has built what he feels is a far more cohesive act than the type of sets he used to do here.

Dave Waite, a Cincinnati comedian who went to New York a few months before Chalifoux agrees the intensity of New York is essential for comedic development. “I’ve been able to tighten up things a lot more and feel sharper on stage,” Waite says. “I get rattled a lot less now too.” The turnaround time is also beneficial. “You can write something early in the day and find out three hours later if it works. You can have a joke up and running within a week.” You can take the boy out of Cincinnati but — “I still feel like a Midwesterner,” Waite confesses. “I probably always will. There’s no Arby’s in Manhattan and that bothers me. They say this is the greatest city on Earth and there’s no Arby’s? I’m not convinced.” Dave Waite and friends (including Mark Chalifoux) perform at Go Bananas (8410 Market Place Lane, Montgomery) Wednesday-Friday. Go here for full audio of interview with Waite and Chalifoux.



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