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Events: Powerhouse Factories' Pass the Flask Party

By Rachel Fink-Sigler · December 15th, 2011 · CityBeat Recommends
to do 12-14 pass the flask poster courtesy brian bergen, powerhouse factories

Often, after entering a new friend’s house and spotting a poster of a band I love on their wall but that I have seen a thousand other places, I feel a numbness of sorts towards the overly familiar image rather than a heightened interest. This sensation makes me think of John Berger’s novel The Ways of Seeing, in which he discusses how the continuous reproduction of an image causes the original image to lose some of its value, its aura.

One way to avoid this absence of meaning in our image-based society is to recreate these posters in a way that has not been overdone. Powerhouse Factories has done just this with their collection of classic Rock photos, along with tons of new work. And this Friday they’re having their annual Pass The Flask Holiday Party from 7 p.m.-midnight where there will be a buy one, get one half off deal on their entire stock. Come dressed for the holidays, wacky to formal, and receive a Rockin’ Stockin’ stuffed with surprises. Complimentary seasonal drinks will also be served.



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