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Art: A New Reality

By Alan Pocaro · December 15th, 2011 · CityBeat Recommends
arts2aec_jennifergrote_carpeltunnel2011installationfoundpaper&woodCarpel Tunnel by Jennifer Grote - Courtesy AEC

According to Mary Heider, the curator of the current A New Reality exhibit at Covington’s Artisans Enterprise Center, artists take “pieces and parts … and create from them something not previously conceived.” It’s hard to imagine a more elegant statement on the nature of visual art, and it’s the premise upon which the show rests. Featuring works by Robert Fry, Jennifer Grote and Michael Scheurer, this show is a formidable display of local talent that aptly demonstrates visual art is not an idea, but a process of transformation.

The AEC’s exhibition space is sunlit, wide-open and an awkward fit for most two-dimensional work. But as Robert Fry’s splendid timber pieces make clear, it’s near perfect for large-scale sculpture.

The sturdy oak and red paint tripod “To the Point” and its lankier companion “One Idea” soar toward the ceiling with a presence that commands the gallery. These works embrace balanced, direct forms that run just shy of minimalism. And like a lot of minimal sculpture, their formal grace is offset by an emotional distance. They’re not cold or impersonal, just faintly aloof. 

A New Reality is on view at Artisans Enterprise Center through Jan. 13. Go here to read Alan Pocaro's full review.



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