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Literary: Joani Lacy

By Jason Gargano · December 7th, 2011 · CityBeat Recommends
Eve Hollister is back, as is the banyan tree that looms so ominously near the recently restored Victorian home that Eve and her family believe is no longer haunted. Hollister House: The Banyan Tree Awakens β€” local author Joani Lacy's follow-up to 2008's atmosphere-drenched Hollister House and the second entry in what she says will be a trilogy of novels β€” is another Gothic-tinged trip into the Deep South, a place where good music and good food are as prevalent as the mysterious curse that continues to infect the Hollister family and their unique dwelling.

Expect another spooky page-turner, as a press release that accompanies the new book explains, β€œThe women of the Hollister clan must band together to fight an unseen foe that longs to embrace Eve in its cold clutches once again.” Lacy will sign copies of her latest book, self-published via iUniverse and available via various online outlets, 6 p.m. Saturday at Front Street Cafe and 7 p.m. Dec. 14 at Joseph-Beth Booksellers.



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