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Onstage: Dialogues in Dance

By Julie Mullins · November 30th, 2011 · CityBeat Recommends
11clint-0413-hires-editClint Fisher - Courtesy MamLuft&Co. Dance
The holiday season is in full swing, but if you’re looking for a break from Christmas activities this weekend, head to Contemporary Dance Theater’s home base (the historic College Hill Town Hall) Saturday at 8 p.m. for Dialogues in Dance. Presented by Cincinnati-based MamLuft&Co. Dance, this unique series features new works from four different choreographers and puts an audience-friendly spin on modern dance performance.

As its name suggests, after each of the program’s various pieces, audience members are invited — no, encouraged — to ask the artists questions about the work they’ve just seen. Artistic Director Jeanne Mam-Luft says it’s not a traditional art-going experience. “It’s intimate and it’s honest,” she says. “Audiences sit so close to the performance area that they will hear breath, see muscles and feel as if they are really a part of it all. And then they get to have an opportunity to have a discussion with the artists about what it all was.” It’s a rare chance to really engage with artists firsthand — and perhaps to demystify modern dance’s finer points. Plus, it’s about instant gratification — even more so than that holiday shopping. Oh, and the $10 ticket price is a bargain.



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