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Onstage: Abraham Lincoln's Big, Gay Dance Party

By Rick Pender · November 29th, 2011 · CityBeat Recommends
onstage 11-30 - lincoln dance party @ know theatre - annie kalahurka & randy bailey - photo by deogracias lermaPhoto: Deogracias Lerma
It’s hard to know where to begin commenting on Know Theatre’s holiday offering, Abraham Lincoln’s Big, Gay Dance Party, a zany and generally incoherent but passionately conceived piece of theater. Don’t go thinking it has anything to do with the holidays, and despite the fact that some fourth-graders light its political fuse when their teacher replaces a holiday pageant with a script that references a possible gay relationship involving the 16th president, this is not a show for kids. Who is it for? I’m not really sure, although some at the opening performance found it hilarious.

It doesn’t really matter where you begin: The show has three acts; an audience member randomly chooses their order.

Each offers a different perspective on the legal fallout from reaction to the kids’ play — two aspiring Republican politicians (Robert Pavlovich plays a veteran district attorney, while Torie Wiggins is an ambitious African-American attorney) and a gay journalist (Jason Podplesky) with vengeance in mind.

The order I saw made modest sense; if rearranged, I’m not sure how it would work — if that matters.

Abraham Lincoln’s Big, Gay Dance Party continues at Know Theatre through Dec. 23. Go here to read Rick Pender's full review.



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