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2011 Holiday Issue

Slow down and enjoy the season

By Danny Cross · November 22nd, 2011 · Holiday

Depending on what day you’re reading this issue of CityBeat, Thanksgiving could already have come and gone. Crazy, right? 

It seems like every year we get all geared up for Halloween and then — poof! — it’s January and we’re cold and in mass debt. But that’s no reason to get down about the holidays — there’s food to be eaten and family and friends to share time with. 

This year’s Holiday Issue took a step back in an attempt to enjoy the experiences that so often pass us by during this time of year. Should we have set up an elaborate photo shoot for our Holiday Issue covers? That sounded stressful and obligatory, so we just built a little house out of cookies and candy.

It was only one story, but it was delicious. And we enjoyed each other’s company and had lots of candy left over.

[Check out the entire Holiday Issue, including event and arts listings, here.]

That’s pretty much the attitude you’ll find in this year’s Holiday Issue: an acknowledgment that the holidays are upon us, along with stories about how to enjoy them to the fullest because, as we all know, they’re coming and going whether we like it or not. 

In this issue you’ll learn about fun ways to shop locally this holiday season, advice on how to “wow” your dinner guests, music for every crazy member of the family to enjoy, multiplex movie offerings for a break from the mayhem and the best holiday TV shows to re-watch with the fam. We’ve also included a collection of ways to volunteer for and donate to organizations helping those less fortunate have a happy holiday season, too. And we’re tying it all together with Larry Gross’ musings on the importance of appreciating the holidays while we have them. 

There’s much to do between now and the end of the year, but there are also many fond memories to create, as long as we’re paying attention.



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