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Black Friday, Occupy and 50/50

By Staff · November 22nd, 2011 · Minimum Gauge

Record Store Day Goes Black

This Friday is the inexplicable phenomenon known as “Black Friday,” that post-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy that sends millions of consumers out at a variety of crazy hours so they can save a few bucks on Christmas presents. This year, the folks behind Record Store Day — an annual effort to draw customers back to real record stores by offering cool exclusives — have decided to latch on to “Black Friday,” but instead of deals on toaster ovens and towel racks, customers can buy many new releases put together just for the occasion. The madness of the annoying Black Friday likely won’t be replicated for the musical version — you’re less likely to be tripped, shoved or punched at a record store, but if you take the last copy of Iron & Wine’s vinyl release of Morning Becomes Eclectic sessions, you will almost assuredly receive a scoff and/or eye-roll. You’ve been warned.


All Eyes Blind?

Last week we mentioned Jay-Z’s new $22 T-Shirt for his clothing company capitalizing on the Occupy Wall Street movement (the shirt manipulates the protest’s name so it reads “Occupy All Streets”).

But co-opting a movement for your own gain isn’t just about making tons more cash. As ’90s Pop/Rock band Third Eye Blind has shown, you can also do it for a little publicity to help raise your long fading profile. The dudes who wrote “Semi Charmed Life” about 14 years ago have now penned an “anthem” for the Occupy movement called “If There Ever Was A Time.” The song’s writer, Stephan Jenkins, said in a press release that the message was aimed at college kids in an effort to get them more involved. Because college kids (today, not in 1994) are so obsessed with Third Eye Blind, they’ll do anything the band tells them? Not to be outdone, Marcy’s Playground rushed out their rally-cry song written for The Tea Party called “I Like Sex and Candy (But Strongly Dislike Taxes and Socialists),” while Candlebox is said to be crafting an anthem for the “Bring Back the McRib” movement.


50 (Non) Sense

According to The Guardian, Florida music and fashion label Eastland Music Group is suing the creators of the film 50/50 — the “cancer comedy” starring Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt — claiming they own all rights to the title. The company says it has been using 50/50 as a label name for over a decade to sell albums by a Hip Hop duo called 50/50 (as if that isn’t confusing enough?). The record company is saying that when people see the name of the movie, they will more than likely go, “Oh, hey, that obscure Rap duo from Florida put out a movie!” Just as unlikely is the chance of the case succeeding. But the label’s going all in — they want every product affiliated with the movie destroyed and are demanding all profits. Next up, those a-holes who make the coffee creamer Half & Half. It’s not completely impossible to think that a fan of 50/50’s music would just pour that shit right into their ears, thinking it’s some new audio format. 



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