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Comedy: Dominique

By P.F. Wilson · November 15th, 2011 · CityBeat Recommends
For Dominique, going postal meant leaving a job in civil service and starting a career in comedy. Perhaps it had something to do with the postal facility she worked in, the now infamous Brentwood Facility, the site of an anthrax scare. "I knew something like that was gonna happen,” Dominique says. “I used to see all kinds of stuff that terrorists could use come through that post office.

But that was back in the good old Timothy McVeigh days." After years of cracking up coworkers at the post office, she took the advice of her colleagues and friends and decided to try telling jokes in front of strangers. A wise move it turns out, as audiences in the nation’s Capitol took to her right from the start. She was soon noticed by Russell Simmons and the producers of his Def Comedy Jam. Soon after she was playing clubs in New York and by chance caught the attention of Tracy Morgan, who immediately made her his feature act. "I didn't do anything special,” she says. “I just talked about what I knew. The next thing you know I'm on TV. I quit that job and took about 20 books of stamps. I figured they owed me."



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