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Nickelback, Listening Habits and Misfits

By Staff · November 9th, 2011 · Minimum Gauge


Roughing the Halftime Act 

In some ways, hiring hit-making Rock band Nickelback to perform during halftime of the Detroit Lions/Green Bay Packers game on Thanksgiving makes perfect sense. The band is named after a football position and, um, well … they have a new album out that very week! The reasons Nickelback makes no sense as Turkey Day halftime entertainment are more plentiful. And those are the reasons a Lions fan started an online campaign to have the oft-maligned Canadian group replaced (though, in actuality, Nickelback’s booking is still just a rumor at this point; the NFL hasn’t officially announced the halftime performers yet). An anti-Nickelback online petition — which has received around 40,000 signatures — makes a pretty good case (mostly, “They suck”). The music world’s favorite punching bag has had it tough recently — a poll found Nickelback to be the band whose music is most likely to “ruin the mood” in romantic situations. We’re almost starting to feel sorry for the band.



The Soundtrack of Our Consumer Lives

Ever absentmindedly wandered into a mall store, been greeted with illogically loud dance music, then turned around and walked out, vowing to never return? You are not alone. A U.K. marketing firm released the results of a survey that suggests that the music we hear while shopping can have an effect on our shopping habits. The survey found that 73 percent of shoppers notice in-store music; 40 percent of those shoppers said they’d stay longer if the music was good, while 40 percent said they’d be more inclined to get the hell out if the music sucked. Maybe all stores should start hiring live DJs to gauge customer reactions as they shop and adjust the soundtrack accordingly. They’d come in handy for store announcements, too: “All right y’all, we need a cleanup in aisle six, customer needs assistance in cosmetics and here’s Glenn Miller’s ‘In the Mood,’ a special dedication to the lovely young lady purchasing Metamucil and adult diapers in aisle six — it’s OK, baby, everyone has accidents.’ ”


Not Such a Misfit

Like a tiny, muscle-bound mix of Axl Rose and Mariah Carey, Punk/Metal icon Glenn Danzig caused a stir recently after reportedly going into super-prima-donna mode while in Austin, Texas, to perform at the Fun Fun Fun Fest. Danzig was performing a sorta Punk Rock Revue show as “Danzig Legacy,” featuring old songs and band members from his Misfits and Samhain days. Danzig was reportedly feeling ill when he arrived and demanded soup and vitamins. He also allegedly said it was too cold in Austin (Texas!) and he’d only perform indoors. After organizers rented stage heaters and an onsite doctor, the show seemed set to go on, but Danzig continued to complain. Danzig finally did perform, but, due to curfew, the set was cut short (pun intended). Pissed after being cut off, Danzig reportedly told the audience to riot. They didn’t.   



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