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Art: Factory Square Shipping Container Galleries

By Steven Rosen · November 8th, 2011 · CityBeat Recommends
todo_ledellemoe2_from her Ledelle Moe's "Relief" series, provided
Strange how what at first seemed like an afterthought — using interior, once-industrial space at Northside's new American Can Lofts as an adjunct display area for the outdoor Shipping Container Galleries that formed the heart of last month's Factory Square Fine Arts Festival — instead became one of the most significant, resonant art shows in Cincinnati this year. The South African-born Ledelle Moe, not a Cincinnatian, uses concrete to form colossal, abstracted figures that rest on the floor like pieces unearthed from an archaeological expedition into a lost civilization.

Stretched out in this enormous space, which itself calls attention to what's been lost in our own post-industrial society, you can't help wonder if we, too, will one day be the ghosts that future (robotic?) artists conjure. Or will we resist falling into ruins via inspired reclamation projects like American Can Lofts? The art show's sponsoring organization, parProjects, is keeping Moe's work on display noon-5 p.m. for the next three Saturdays. And also, the Shipping Container Galleries — which contain some imaginative and wonderful art installations in their own right by Celene Hawkins, Thunder-Sky Inc. and others — will remain open for the same hours and dates. Plus, to celebrate, parProjects is hosting an Encore Celebration 7-11 p.m. this Saturday at the site.



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