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Truth & Salvage Co.

Nov. 2 • 20th Century Theatre

By Reyan Ali · October 31st, 2011 · Sound Advice
soundadvice_truth_and_salvage_co._photo_tony_byrdPhoto: Tony Byrd

Truth & Salvage Co. serves as the perfect moniker for this Americana and Country outfit, since every element of their name is represented in some way. The key aspect is “Truth” — the primary aim of the five-piece (which features four singers) is to create music steeped in earnestness and authenticity. 

T&SC’s school of sound is nothing innovative — the source of their languid, genial rhythms is decades-old (though they add few distinctive flourishes) — so they substitute creativity for genial honesty. The lyrics of “Welcome to LA,” a song especially pertinent to these Los Angeles transplants, exemplifies this: “Hold onto your country hat/Leave your boots by the back porch step/Open the door/Grandma would say/She would say/‘Work hard and keep your smile’/But leave the rest to be/Open your heart/Welcome to LA.” 

The band has emphasized this relatable quality in interviews.

In one conducted by No Depression with Tim Jones, the guitarist and vocalist noted, “We want our songs to have that epic down-home feel and that’s exactly what fuels us.”

“Salvage” and “Company” are reminders that the group is predominantly made up of remnants of the bands Old Pike and Scrappy Hamilton. While the men of T&SC have been professional musicians for years —Moldy Peaches, Jack Johnson, Gary Jules and Squirrel Nut Zippers are among their co-conspirators — this project is still young, having originated in 2007. Its beginnings have been auspicious, however, as the act has already hooked up with the Black Crowes leader Chris Robinson, who both produced their 2010 debut album and crowned it as the inaugural release on his label, Silver Arrow. Word is that another record is due early next year, so Truth & Salvage Co. still has ample time to reveal more dimensions to the world.

TRUTH & SALVAGE CO. plays the 20th Century Theatre Wednesday, Nov. 2 with guest RUSTON KELLY. Buy tickets, check out performance times and get club details here.



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