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Comedy: Andi Smith

By P.F. Wilson · October 25th, 2011 · CityBeat Recommends
to do 10-26 andi smith, providedProvided by Andi Smith

Andi Smith is perhaps one of the more subtle stand-up comics touring today. Her soft-spoken manner belies a blunt sense of humor that’s inspired by everything from relationships to current events. Yet her comedy doesn’t rest on one or two subjects. “I don’t want to be a relationship comic, I don’t want to be a political comic, I just want to be a funny comic,” she says. Indeed, the sea of political humor is often tricky to navigate, especially in stand-up.

“It’s hard sometimes to take this horrible thing and make it funny.” Often she turns to the Internet to unleash her political angst. A Wisconsin native now living in St. Louis, Smith is still very involved in her home state’s affairs. “I hate Governor (Scott) Walker,” she says. “It’s gotten so bad I made this website called WisconsinRules.com. It’s all collaged pictures of Scott Walker with a dick in his mouth. I do the dicks hand drawn, because I want them to be artistic.” Her Midwestern upbringing was only slightly influenced by religion. “My mom told me we were almost Mormons,” she says. “Until she found out you have to give them a certain percentage of your salary, so she was like fuck that idea. Then we became Methodists, but we only went there if there was a carnival or some kind of raffle happening. So I guess I like Jesus, but only if there are prizes involved.” Smith performs Thursday-Sunday at Go Bananas.



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