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Music: Mike Posner

By Mike Breen · October 25th, 2011 · CityBeat Recommends
soundadvice_mike_posner_photo_timothy_saccentiPhoto: Timothy Saccenti
Hip Hop/Electro/Pop artist Mike Posner appears to have had the kind of "overnight" Pop career success that only seems possible in today's Internet-dependent age, going from (in the short version) Duke University frat boy to internationally buzzed about superstar-in-waiting in the span of about three years. But Posner got an early start — at 13, he was making beats and hooking up with like-minded musicians online.

In 2007, while interning at a radio station, the now-23-year-old met and began working with MC Big Sean. A couple of years later, Posner had his own deal with J Records and released a pair of mix-tapes — A Matter of Time and One Foot Out the Door. Those titles alone are suggestive of Posner's eagerness to dive full time into music. But he decided to complete his degree at Duke, doing music biz stuff on the side and touring on the weekends before earning his sheepskin in sociology last year.

Mike Posner plays Cintas Center Saturday. Go here to read Mike Breen's full Sound Advice.



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