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The Haunted Cave at Lewisburg

By Steven Carter Novotni · October 19th, 2011 · Halloween List

The Cave is held in an old limestone mine and uses 4 square miles of its tunnels-it's listed as the World's Longest Haunted House in the 2010 Guiness Book Of World Records. It wastes no time dragging you in-literally, as amphibious creatures pull at your legs from the dark waters of an indoor lake. There are over 100 actors inside, often hidden in plain sight or above-and they WILL grab you.
Virtually every special effect you can think of is here-huge animatronics, air cannons, possessed vehicles, live flame, living walls, a quicksand bog, and some amazing CGI (you'll think you've been doused with blood and brains from a zombie head shot).

The unique acoustics of a cave fill your ears with a constant cacophony of disjointed screams, demonic laughter, crackling electrical lines, roaring engines, and chainsaws.
There are not one but two difficult mazes-the more interesting one being in Hell, where you must pick from a variety of themed doors. Unique horrors wait behind each one. The Haunted Cave is like a living nightmare from which it seems there's no escape-intense, dark, and entertaining.
There are also Historic Mine Tours available, taking you to a different part of the cave-and its bat population. - Randy Shadel
THE WAIT: The line averages 40 minutes but can take up to two hours on peak nights (Saturdays). It takes an hour or more to explore the cave. Remember you'll be in a cave and dress accordingly-a jacket and sturdy shoes.
DETAILS: Open 7 p.m.-midnight Fridays-Saturdays through Oct. 29. 4392 Swisher Mill Road, Lewisburg, 937-962-5602, www.hauntedcaveatlewisburg.com
THE DAMAGE: $13, $5 children 10 and under. Save $1 with a coupon on the website. Historic Mine Tours are $4.



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